Evaluating a Novel Cellular Automata-Based Distributed Power Management Approach for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks more COLLAPSE

نویسندگانAdabi Sepideh, Sahar Adabi; Ali Rezaee
همایشAdvances in Information Technology - 4th International Conference, IAIT 2010
محل برگزاری همایشThailand
سطح همایشداخلی

چکیده مقاله


According to the traditional definition of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), static sensors have limited the feasibility of WSNs in some kind of approaches, so the mobility was introduced in WSN. Mobile nodes in a WSN come equipped with battery and the point of deployment, this battery reserve becomes a valuable resource since it cannot be replenished. Hence, maximizing the network lifetime by minimizing the energy is an important challenge in Mobile WSN. Energy conservation can be accomplished by different approaches. In this paper, we presented an energy conservation solution based on Cellular Automata. The main objective of this solution is based on dynamically adjusting the transmission range and switching between operational states of the sensor nodes.


کلید واژه ها: Cellular Automata; Energy Conservation; Mobile Wireless Sensor Network